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Facts from the Source

23 Jun

I just found this after reading Ryan Goodman’s post on a similar topic and loved both.  There are so many competing priorities when you start talking to people about food sources:

-taste (obvi)

-health (nutrient preservation/balance, pesticides, genetic modifications, national obesity epidemics slanted towards low and moderate income communities)

-environment (again, pesticides, genetic modifications, plus erosion, soil quality, water quality, carbon footprints, all that jazz)

-humane treatment of animals

-humane treatment of laborers

These are all important things to think about, but the ability for farmers to make a living off of their farms is also key.  In my perfect food paradigm, farmers would be able to sell high quality food at competitive prices without government subsidies.  I’m interested in learning more about different business models that allow “sustainable farming” to be sustainable for farmers, too.